3 things to consider when hiring a recruitment firm

A lot of corporations think that the only thing they need from recruitment firms are candidates. This is only one basic function of a recruitment firm. If they can’t find candidates for their clients, they would not be able to survive in this market.

If you were a corporation, a recruitment firm should help you achieve the below goals.

• Managing candidates’ expectations
The Candidate’s job seeking experience will affect their impression on your employer’s branding. The accuracy of information your recruitment firm provides to your candidate, as to whether or not your recruitment firm is managing the candidate’s expectation correctly and whether or not your recruitment firm is providing constant updates to them on their application, in which, would help candidate’s form an opinion on your employer’s brand.

• Forming a recruitment strategy
Besides helping you to find candidates, is the recruitment firm that you are using, able to provide you with the information and trends on your hiring to help you formulize a strategy with the right budget /job specification to find the most suitable candidates in the market?

• Reach to the deepest talent pool
Each position has their own professional terms, uniqueness and methodology in accessing the talents pool. A specialized recruitment firm can provide more choices for both employers and candidates as well as providing more focused and professional advice throughout the process. It can tremendously increase your recruitment experience.

At the end of the day it all comes down to whether or not the recruitment firm has the passion to promote your employer branding aside from helping you to find a great candidate!

Traditional recruitment firms usually run themselves as a Sales Business. With Venturenix, we believe recruitment firms should be running as a People Business company. Let’s discuss more on the differences and its impact on your company’s reputation in the next article.