As an IT candidate, what does HKMA’s move to smart banking mean to you?

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HKMA Chief Executive Norman Chan Tak-lam discussed the future of banking in front of the press and emphasize that banking and technology must converge sooner rather than later to meet rising aspirations and demand from customers. The move from traditional banking to a “new era of Smart Banking” has been undergoing, but it is now accelerating. 

What does it mean to you as an IT candidate?

In the IT talent market, the only thing that doesn’t change is change. When the move to the “new era of Smart Banking” accelerates, new skills will be sought after while some traditional banking systems and skills will definitely be replaced. Are you ready to make the change? 

  1. Seeking to learn new technology within your current position

    If your current job requires you to work on some traditional application, programming language or projects, you can speak to your department head or manager so see if they can offer you web / mobile / digital payment / blockchain / big data / machine learning / chatbot these types of new projects / technologies exposure.
  2. Focus on the skills that you will be learning instead of purely looking at the compensation

    If your current position does not allow you pick up new skills and if you are at the time considering a career move, you should focus on the possibilities of learning new skills instead of purely looking at salary increment, better company brand name or better working hours etc.
  3. Learn new technologies at your leisure time

    If the above 2 options are not for you, you will need to take your own time to learn the programming / technical / business skills that relates to the new technologies you want to pick up at your leisure time. You may also find a mentor who is already working in these areas to be your coach on transforming yourself. 

IT talents and Digital talents will soon be inseparable. IT talents will need to learn Digital / web / mobile / IoT knowledge to catch-up with the new era. Digital talents will need to pick up new IT knowledges in order to stay on top of the market and make the most contribution. 

As an IT candidate, what can you do now? 

We are at this moment in time, working on over 10 programmers to System Analysts assignments for our clients in the area of Big Data, Mobile payment, digital transformation. If you have Java programming language and would like to catch-up with new technologies, speak to our consultant or apply the positions here. My client is willing to train passionate candidates with no direct Fintech experiences.

Take action NOW to transform yourself to adapt the new era of Fintech.