Ensuring Candidates’ Job Offer Acceptance

Sourcing resumes is not the sole job description of recruiter. One of the most important functions of recruitment is to ensure the candidates are disclosing the truth and real expectations, thereby warranting the right talent for the right client.

Why hiring a specialized recruiting agency boosts offer acceptance rate of your preferred candidates?

  • Specialized recruitment agency has a large talent pool

A successful recruitment agency usually has a specialized domain. Take Venturenix as an example. We specialize in IT and digital space that clients entrust us to recruit candidates with relevant skills and talents to fill the roles such as web developer, system analyst and programmer.

Let’s say a specialized agency secures a candidate pool of 50 as well as 50 job vacancies from multiple clients. On one hand, the agency possesses the flexibility to target, interview and assess candidates at hand and provide insider tips to them; on the other hand, it can lend an objective view to clients regarding potential candidates’ varying expertise and experience, ultimately placing the right fit in the hands of the right client.

  • Specialized recruitment agency makes candidates spill the truth

During an interview, candidates tend to impress the interviewers by exaggerating their credentials and experiences, and lowering their salary expectations. HR managers are not lie detectors; neither are the recruiters.

Nevertheless, candidates often feel more comfortable with spilling the truth and disclosing salary requirements in front of recruiters as if third-party negotiators. Specialized recruiters are capable of creating an open and genuine dialogue with the candidates by using their own special knowledge and insights about the industry, gaining the candidate’s trust and confidence easily. Authenticity is more likely to be displayed by candidates in a recruitment agency, rather than HR department.

Recruiters will then be able to screen and filter candidates in a more thorough way, which is a relatively strenuous task for HR. A more holistic view about an ideal candidate can be given to clients, such as what kind of skill sets and qualities will be valuable assets to them, helping both sides reach a satisfactory consensus and ensuring offer acceptance.

So, do hiring a specialized recruiting agency guarantee offer acceptance of your preferred candidates? The answer is very likely.