Facts You Need to Know About Digital Transformation

Many organizations are in the midst of a sweeping digital transformation.

1) What is Digital Transformation?

But what is digital transformation? It is a process to integrate digital technology, including cloud computing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain, into all aspects of a business to achieve growth.

According to a study released by Microsoft in partnership with IDC Asia/ Pacific, it is anticipated that digital transformation will add an estimated US$9 billion to Hong Kong’s GDP. 79% of the job will be transformed in the next three years, in which, roles will be redeployed to catch up with the digital age.

2) Different sectors are undertaking digital transformation


Digital transformation is taking place across industries, such as automobile, retailers, and healthcare.

The manufacturing sector is one of the many industries that realize the importance of data and starts embracing digital transformation. The industry wishes to move the focus from productivity improvement into developing new business models.

For example, Toyota Industries, a company from which Toyota Motor Corporation developed, is the world’s largest manufacturer of forklift trucks. Big data allows Toyota Industries to revolutionize its business model by adopting predictive service, so trucks can be repaired promptly before any accidents happen.

Different industries, therefore, place higher emphasize on attracting IT talents to adapt to digital transformation.

3) Digital Transformation require tons of IT talents

In today’s data-driven culture, data is being used as a capital asset, so are the skills of IT talents.

ABC’s Digital skill sets, namely artificial intelligencebig data and cloud computing, are highly coveted technical skills that catch an employer’s eye. IT talents are valued because they help optimize products and services through data, thereby creating new business models that allow a corporation to stay competitive in an oversaturated marketplace.

Although the possibility of job displacement by AI is disconcerting to many, the Microsoft survey found that 23% of new jobs are expected to be created by digital transformation. A lot of employers are confident that employees can be trained and equipped with future-ready skills in order to transition to new roles.

Digital transformation is impacting every sector. IT talents are destined to become the leaders of digital transformation. Be prepared and harness your know-how by taking one of the IT courses of Venturenix Lab.

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