Improving Employee Retention by Hiring Characters

Talent forecast is important because failing to do so would lead to a hiring crisis where the HR department must act in a state of urgency to fill the vacancy. When such situations arise, and a position needs to be filled urgently, the hard skills of the candidate plays a vital; nevertheless, in most cases, hiring characters benefit the company in the long run and significantly improve retention rate of employees.

  • Hiring Talent amid a state of urgency

Amid a state of urgency, it is true that hiring candidate with a honed skill set is important because you want the job to be done quickly and right on the spot.  Nevertheless, hiring a candidate solely because of his/her skill sets is a pure transaction. Don’t expect any sense of belonging and loyalty in return.

Making the employees repeat the same work day after day instead of teaching them new skills is one of the main reasons of low retention rate. No standout employees will be satisfied with status quo. Once the talents fail to see any room for self-improvement, they’ll shift to somewhere else promising.

  • Hiring characters with proper talent forecast

Alternatively, hiring trainable employees is the key to company’s success. If talent forecast is carried out properly, a company will be given a generous timeframe to train a candidate in a well-rounded manner and equip them with novel skills. The competence of picking up new skills quickly instead of the technical know-how is a bonus for a candidate.

For a start-up IT company, it is no doubt that a suitable character is equally important as hard skills. It might entail high emotional intelligence, ability to swiftly mesh with company culture, a knack for self-improvement and willingness to take on new challenges.

Employers seek versatility and flexibility in an employee. For instance, if an employer foresees the need of an additional HTML5 developer, a talented and flexible back-end developer can be trained into any role and help out when the occasion arises. From the employee’s point of view, they will be rewarded way beyond money, such as a great sense of job satisfaction and career enrichment.

Talent will stay engaged with the company under a nurturing and encouraging environment. Recruiting characters first and technical skills second is a great strategy to retain employment rate.