Naked Resignation? Taking a leap of faith

A naked resignation requires enormous courage because of the uncertainty about your future career prospect. Leaving a job that you dread is a bold step, but taking a break for a prolonged period of time is even bolder. How can you explain the gap in your resume with ease?

To pull a naked resignation, ask yourself why do you need a break from work. Is it because of your evil boss or your growing desire to pursue a more advanced degree or simply a desperate need for a vacation?

In preparation of a naked resignation, planning ahead is the key. So when you are ready to re-enter the workforce, you won’t be caught off guard.

The truth is if you’ve stayed at your previous job for at least 2-3 years, don’t fret too much. Hard skills are highly demanded in the market, and your industry knowledge definitely serves as a big plus.

On the contrary,  if you have a job-hopping history, you’ll certainly be questioned about the importance you place on stamina and ambition in your career.

Before the interview, it is best to prepare for these questions:

  • During the break, did you get to know more about yourself career-wise? How did you grow as a person?
  • Are you ready to take charge of a new career direction?
  • Did you improve your marketability by, for instance, going back to school?

It’s no biggie to pull a naked resignation. In fact, there are surprising benefits of an employment gap. Impress your interviewer by showing your desirable qualities and rekindled passion for work.