Paradoxes of choice (Recruitment)

What if you were told, that recruiters are the face of your company? The first person that give the candidate’s first image is not your reception, in most cases are your recruiter.

As a company, you need staff. You have your own channels. But there are several things you must consider. Like all paradoxes, there are things that are natural and unchangeable. It is born into us, into our very soul. Realize that, you are the seeing the very foundations of what had created this paradox in the first place


Of course you know that ‘more isn’t always best’. It is repeated day after day in media and commercials; by your mom and dad teaching you lessons childhood upon childhood. Deep down inside you know, you realize; quality is better than quantity. More is not always best. 

Sure, one more recruiter couldn’t hurt right? But nevertheless you are creating an unknown substance that is competition itself, demotivating recruiters, by creating more rejections. The talent pool is small, rumors start to swell. Don’t assume the talent pool is so big that you are unique; no, everyone has heard of you and your wants. Twice.

Candidates complain; They would think ‘Another recruiter call with the same company?’ Companies are the one that create the negativity because they think more is always better. It could hurt you, like how it has hurt us. But in essence, think of it in a different perspective. Like the police, they are your friends when you are in trouble, but your enemies when you are not.

Work with the recruiters in telling them where they wrong or right. This adds to your value and, nevertheless, a recruiter will take note of it.


Work with the best in the area, especially those areas require skills, connections and advanced sourcing technique such as IT talents which require specific knowledge to identify candidates as well as presenting your company so that they will consider your company As a hiring manager or a Human resources director / manager, you have heard of desperate candidates. Why would you want to be a desperate employer by giving out jobs orders to multiple recruiters who may not even understand the job description?

Extreme Dedication
An extra-ordinary candidate base
True Specialization

A dedicated recruiter doesn’t only mean they will do whatever it takes; it means that they will never say no or give on rejections by anyone. The line manager, the offer or the hiring manager.
The extra ordinary candidate base is something of a unicorn in recruiter layman terms. Would you really want to work with one that posts the exact same thing you did on a job board. No. You want them to provide a database that you would not be able to touch under normal conditions. A database that has been built by blood, sweat and tears. By extra ordinary hard work to assemble this candidate base of heroes that would provide you extra ordinary work ethics, skill sets and ideology. This is what you pay for.


Specialization is what everyone heralds. This is hardly a new idea, but a widely used marketing gimmick. Venturenix specializes so deeply that you would not be able to find such talent in the industry. To get to the deepest candidates, we approach candidates only as a recruitment firm, our parent company T12M is also a Venture Capital. This is how we approach to dig to the deepest talents even with the newest technologies areas you may need to look for.

Pluck one of our recruiters and you’ll find that they write code as beautifully as your lead developer. Talk to one of us, and realise that we manage candidates on a whole different level than our competitors. We will are able to advise you on how to recruit, the talents is available in Hong Kong or US, corporates or start-ups, not the other way around. If your company is in need of world-class service right now. At this very moment. Talk to us and have proper and well fit candidates in less than 48 hours within the IT and digital domain.

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