Signs You Nailed an Interview

When most candidates walk out of a job interview, they either felt that they nailed the interview, or completely bombed it. It might be the tricky questions asked by the hiring manager or the longer-than-expected interview that make you feel doomed. The truth is, it might indicate otherwise. Here are some positive signs of you acing a interview.

1.They want you to meet the team

It is a great prospect of success when the hiring manager introduces you to the team or even individuals in senior management roles. This showcases their interests of hiring you as they intend to see how well you interact with the team when you are onboard.

2. The interview runs longer than anticipated

If your interview runs over the designated time, it means that the hiring manager is keen to getting to know more about you and how you will fit into the company culture. When this happens, it is very likely that you’ll land the job.

3.They ask the number of job interviews you’ve been to

The rationale why they ask the amount of job interviews you’ve attended before them is to guarantee your acceptance of their job offer. They wish to explore the likelihood of recruiting you to their company, meaning they reckon that you are the perfect fit for the position.

4.They are concerned with the reason you left your last job

The reasons of leaving a job can say a lot about a person. If the hiring manager is concerned with yours, this increases your chance of getting hired because they are already figuring out ways to keep you in the long run.  

5.The follow-up process is discussed

If the hiring manager, without you asking, is enthusiastic to inform you with the next step of the hiring process, such as when to expect a follow-up call or who’ll make the call, it is a clear indicator of their interest in your candidacy.

 6.They ask your ultimate career goal

Your career aspiration also carries great significance for a company if they are seriously considering to hire you. The question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is a conscious effort in comprehending their capacity in helping you achieve such career goal. This serves as a clear sign that they are ready to commit and invest in you.