The Hiring-Firing Paradox in the Tech Industry

Despite the high demand of IT talents, people come and go in the industry and IT professionals tend to be replaced pretty quickly. What are some of the reasons behind this phenomenon?

  • Old skill sets become irrelevant

The skill sets once deemed essential are not as valuable as in the past. With the advent of digital media, mobile apps and coding etc, your resume won’t stand out if it merely states your irrelevant technology skills.

For instance, equipment maintenance of phone lines or computers are generally outsourced these days, instead of having a redundant IT team stationed in the office. Also, physical server was once an inseparable part of almost every office. Nevertheless, it has become obsolete because of the rising of virtual platform, the cloud. Cloud computing expertise is a highly demanded skills because cloud engineers ensure that database continues working automatically in the virtual world even if one of the computers “go down”.

The way that data is stored has changed, so has the demands for IT professionals. Such a drastic shift from the old-fashioned data infrastructure to cloud computing is one of the many classic examples, showing why tons of IT veterans with irrelevant skills have become redundant in recent years.

  • Emerging skills needed for emerging technologies

In the wake of the booming tech-driven innovations, project management, digital media and technical support are highly sought-after skills. In the old days, print and TV dominated advertising; today, digital is radically taking over the old ways of advertising. Facebook campaigns, video marketing and social media become the preferred ways to get maximum exposure.

Also, IT skills change extremely rapidly. While app developers were in huge demand 10 years ago, the market for these IT geeks are saturated already nowadays. Who knows what kind of new skills will become marketable next year?

In the fast-changing tech world, the rule of “survival of the fittest, only the strong survives” applies. When the supply of IT talents with existing skill sets are in sync with demand, old employees will naturally be made redundant and be replaced.

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