The Paradox of Choice (Job searching)

In most cases, a candidate that is searching for a job with the help of recruiters would usually think that more help is better. The more recruiting agencies they use, the more job opportunities would show up. The more you reach out, the more opportunities will be available for you. Sounds logical enough.

More is not always better. It has shown to increase anxiety – like a grab-all-that-you-can then see what choices you have. Now, the other dilemma remains, so many choices, which to choose? A career that you want or a career that you need? An industry related to your hobby or continue onto your professional path? You may find that recruiters have started to contact you less frequently as you take your time to weigh which one is better.


As time flies, things change. In that time, you spent time evaluating so many choices, the first few job opportunities you looked over had been filled up. Now pressure starts to fill as you try to reply or get interviewed by several amazing companies. You say ‘yes’ to the first interview of all of them, and many found you erratic, not knowing what you want yourself and you get rejected. Or it may be that you had too much of an expectation and were underwhelmed by what was presented to you. Your first batch of job opportunities had passed by and gone silent. Then you start reaching out to recruiters again.

The ‘paradox of choice’ is something humanly natural that candidates tend to forget. As we process more ideas created from choices we forget that recruiters and companies are also evaluating you. To make the most of recruitment firms, there is a number on how many recruitment firms you should use. The fewer the better, depending on your trust, but we recommend a maximum of five recruitment firms.


There’s also only one important thing to consider among your wants and needs, urgency. Recruiters want to help you, but they will sort everyone in terms of urgency. A recruiter has a ton of candidates and clients, and they have a limited amount of time per day. To make them work effectively, narrow your requirements to make the search more accurate, and communicate clearly the time frame you are available.

With a set time frame, they can understand how urgent you are and prioritize their time. If there’s no preference, or stated urgency, most will put you on the back burner as window shopping and you might be there for a very long time, even when you eventually do become ‘urgent’ in finding a job.

Eliminate all the possibilities and allow Venturenix to help you prioritize your goals and needs.