The Rise of Women in the Tech Industry

Women are the” secret sauce” of e-Commerce giant Alibaba Group. Its founder Jack Ma once said, “Women has great tuition and sensitivity, making them great leaders.” The role of women in the tech industry is evolving, and a good mix of men and women drives innovation and Females are underrepresented in the male-dominated tech industry due to a misconception that women generally lack adequate technical skills and willingness to work crazy hours because of family obligations when compared to their counterparts.

Such gender barrier remains a stumbling block of women succeeding in the tech industry. But in case you don’t know, there are many positive attributes that give females a sustainable advantage over men.

  • Thoughtful and Calm

Females are generally calmer, and they can maintain their composure even through the worst of times. In the process of coding, females tackle it with such meticulousness and delicacy that effectively generate a clearly written code and reduce the number of bugs. Females also have better eyes to spot issues and errors in the system quickly.

  • Unique way of thinking

Excelling in mathematics and computer science is by no means the most significant factor for a successful career in the IT industry. A holistic way of thinking is essential to create and maintain a smooth-running and user-friendly system. The sharp and unique perspective is a highly beneficial quality to the IT sector, rendering females instrumental in areas such as software development, programming and UX design.

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills

Women tend to be equality-minded and have a higher level of empathy. In the workplace, women perform at a higher level on a team, making them better team players compared with men. The ability and willingness to cooperate with your team to tackle a complex work problem together is an integral component of success.  

All in all, with the right qualification, unique attributes, and stamina, females can shine as bright as men in the IT sector and have a remarkable and well-deserved career.