The Sexist Job in the 21st Century

Imagine your friend, John, tell you about a decent-paying job offer they’ve received as a data scientist. You may wonder, “what does that mysterious job exactly entail?”

In today’s mainstream tech industry, Data Science is certainly gaining the spotlight. The role of data scientists and professionals with data analytical skills are getting more significant across different sectors in Hong Kong.

Generally Speaking, data scientists with technical and statistical expertise use their formidable skills to organize and analyse chunks of unstructured data. Through this, they seek to find the solution to unanticipated business challenges.

  • A Bright Career Prospect

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, there would be a shortage of 190,000 data scientists in the US by 2018. In Hong Kong, a similar phenomenon is observed as well. The demand for data-savvy talents is continuously growing, opening up the vacancy in the market.

Due to a lack of supply, corporations are competing vehemently for professional data analysts, luring them with “sexy titles” such as “Data Scientist” and “Data Architect”, and extremely competitive remuneration package. As reflects, the average monthly salary of a mid-level data scientist is around HKD 45-50k, which is fairly decent in Hong Kong. 

Although data science presents lucrative career choices globally, it is unfortunate that data professionals in Hong Kong are usually sourced overseas. Also, the profession is more distinctively recognized in the US, compared to Hong Kong, where most skilled data professionals do not present themselves as data scientists, but programmers and analysts instead. 

  • Great Potential is ahead in Hong Kong

The increasing awareness of such unfortunate circumstance has prompted the birth of more data science course to attract students, given the huge supply of related jobs. In the years ahead, the data science industry is bound to grow, meaning that data professionals will be highly sought after. Venturenix Lab is one of the few tech academies, setting to equip IT talents with novel skill sets and helping them embark upon an exciting career ride.

Congratulate your imaginary friend John on his offer. A prospective and sexy career awaits him.