The War for FinTech Talents

Hong Kong’s Fintech sector is set to become a major player in the world’s financial industry. 
The growth of Fintech is significant, in which the number of FinTech companies based in Hong Kong has seen a rapid increase from 140 in 2016 to 550 in early 2019. 

The Hong Kong Government clearly recognizes the potential of Fintech. It has injected HK$500 million funds to develop financial services and other groundbreaking technologies, and another HK$5 million into the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) to benefit FinTech and startups. 

The Head of FinTech at Invest HK, Charles D’Haussy, said that despite the negative narrative that automation will replace humans, such investment in FinTech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence would create an array of new careers with diverse opportunities.

The Challenging Path to Talent Acquisition

Acquiring the right people is a challenge in the global FinTech markets.In Hong Kong, banks that are accelerating their FinTech development activities are in fierce competition with startups and mid-sized firms that are looking to attract FinTech professionals from the same talent pool.

The growing demand for FinTech talents presents excellent opportunities for tech talents or aspiring tech talents, who can brush up their skills and catch up with the new market. A career in Fintech is not reserved for students from a business or financial background. New jobs in the sector will come from a range of professions and responsibilities for highly skilled individuals.

HKUST has taken the initiative to incorporate FinTech courses into existing curricular and launch Master in FinTech focusing on Blockchain, FinTech, AI and compliance, seeking to equip talents with the necessary skill sets to be a part of the competitive tech workforce.

Venturenix LAB prides itself on providing quality and diversified tech courses focusing on data science, user experience, artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as training that tailors to individual and corporate needs. 

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