Think Fast, Talk Smart

“What should I have for dinner tonight?”

“Which route should I take to work today?”

We come across mundane problems every day, and we tend to solve them with ease.

Nevertheless, do you consider yourself as quick and efficient problem-solver? The classic sales interview question of “How would you sell this pen?” reflects a talent’s ability to think on one’s feet. Problem solving skill is of paramount importance in the IT industry because it has a major role in accomplishing day-to-day task and greater endeavours as well as handling emergency situations.

A tricky question does not necessarily mean to trick you. It shows one’s unique thinking process to potential employers. Complex questions such as “How would you design the elevator system in a high-rise residential building?” during an interview can be daunting. You are required to think fast, and sometimes might even need to fake a smart answer.

Well- don’t fret. When being asked such a quirky question, first ask yourself: what is the end goal of this task? To facilitate efficient traffic flow or to provide a panoramic view for residents? Factors such as budget, location of the building and numbers of residents need to be considered as well.

Bear in mind that these kinds of questions are not goal-oriented in nature; rather, it is an opportunity to showcase your thinking process, and how you eventually come up with a practical and logical solution that is applicable in real life.

You don’t need to be exceptionally smart to be a great problem solver; what you need is practice. To enhance your problem-solving skill to nail an interview, seek advice from a career consultant, conduct research on the company you are about to have interview with, and familiarize yourself with its mission and goal, then you’ll naturally think fast and talk smart.