Three Things Top Tech Talents Wants

As the tech job sector continues to expand, there is fierce competition between employers to acquire the best talent available. What does top tech talent (‘TTT’) most value most in their work environment?

1. Interesting projects over profit

TTT value projects over profits and crave job with purpose. They are inclined to opt for working on intriguing projects, rather than taking a job that pays them higher. To attract TTT, it is important to focus on the quality of the company products and the work environment. Employers need to understand these motives and value of the TTT if they want to recruit the brightest in the tech world.

2.  Compatibility with company culture

Compatibility with the cultural fit is important for TTT because a healthy work culture encourages employees to stay loyal to the company and increases productivity.

Organizations are a representation of the employees in them. Employers must be cautious identifying traits and mapping company culture and turn it into an appealing aspect to attract TTT, such as work-life balance and attractive bonus.

3. High Level of Engagement

A high level of employee engagement level is what TTT looking for. It is important to foster a culture of empowerment and innovation for tech talents, who are willing to go above and beyond their scope of work, to shine.

Engaging TTT in the company’s tech-related decision-making significantly enhances their sense of belongings and a sense of purpose. It also provides an opportunity for them to learn and grow through effective decision-making.