Three Top Talent Trends in 2019

Specialists in data science and finance continue to be in demand this year. To win the best talents, it is essential to keep pace with industry insights. Here come three of the top talent trends in 2019!

1. Fintech

FinTech is expanding exponentially in Hong Kong. In 2019, employers continue to pursue talents with expertise in e-banking regulations and operational risk. With the newly introduced regulations surrounding the risk function, employers will increase headcount in credit risk and market risk to keep pace with the industry.

2. Data Science

Data scientists, data engineers, and cloud computing specialists will continue to be in growing demand. Candidates with adept programming skills with R and Python with deep knowledge of machine learning can command competitive salary packages.

3. Digital Infrastructure

Data engineers play a vital role in digital infrastructure that ultimately enables business agility and power user experiences. Savoir-faire in digital infrastructure, particularly with the knowledge to design and implement the ETL processes, is highly valued across industries. Talents with big data technologies will enjoy great leverage in the job search.