What are the impacts of Blockchain on traditional industry? (II)

The impacts of Blockchain on traditional industry are growing. Apart from logistics and voting as previously discussed, Blockchain also has significant effects on the following industries.

1.  Philanthropy

How is charity disrupted by Blockchain?

The recent scandals of one of the well-known charities have prompted calls for more transparency. Charities are therefore turning to blockchain to make donation records more accessible and accountable.

In the past, once the donation is made, it is impossible to be traced. But the tracking mechanism proposed by several blockchain-based charity organizations enable donors to see how their money from their wallet is being used, which greatly boosts transparency and deepens the donor’s connection to the charitable cause.

2.  Insurance

The insurance market is based upon the notion of trust.

But Blockchain technology eliminates this aspect and enhance efficiencies of the whole insurance claiming process. When a claim is submitted, and certain conditions are met, a smart contract supported by Blockchain could activate payment without any human interference, which speeds up resolution for claims. Both insurers and the insured would, therefore, benefit from managing claims in a more reactive and transparent way.

3. Sharing Economy and Private Transportation

The Blockchain can also be used to facilitate the operation of the peer-to-peer ridesharing apps by permitting both drivers and passengers to enter into a contractual agreement in a secure way without any third-party providers.

Further, the use of built-in e-wallets in private vehicles is able to reshape the future of private transportation. If a payment system is backed by Blockchain, drivers can transfer money from their mobile wallet into their vehicle eWallet. The eWallet can then be authorized to automatically pay for highway tolls, parking and top-ups and then notify the driver of a successful transaction

The impacts of Blockchain are beyond imagination. It is establishing trust across sectors and creating a new economy structure at the same time. Thus, it can be anticipated that many more industries will be investing in Blockchain to increase their competitive edges.