Which areas within IT are the most popular in the market?

A lot of IT job seekers would ask which IT sectors should they build their career in to stay on top of the game.

One thing that we had observed and found interesting was that there were a lot of IT candidates in middle to senior positions enjoying a pay check of HKD 80,000 – HKD 100,000 every month. The sectors that they come from are Project Management, Infrastructure, Digital Transformation or even doing development.

The right question that IT job seekers should ask is: How they could be the most popular candidate in this market.

As an IT professional, developing technical skills are important. But if they are looking to join the 7-digit yearly package pool and join the management team, their career planning and soft skills are key!

From the company they join, the position they work with and the kinds of programming language they use and the kind of exposure their job would allow them to pick up to Negotiations, project management, relationship management with your colleagues and managers; all of the above factors would have an impact to their career development.

Besides helping IT job seekers to find a “job”, Venturenix believes that our position, among other recruiters, would be to build a deeper relationship with candidates and offer relevant information or advice that is important for our candidate’s career growth. One of the core aspects of Venturenix’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of IT professionals in Hong Kong. Candidates are not only “job seekers” or “candidates” in our mind, candidates are a part of Venturenix.

So, if you have any question regarding your career planning, please feel free to contact us!