Why hiring IT staff is challenging in Hong Kong

As more corporations become aware of the importance of IT staff, demand for IT expertise is growing every day. Yet access to IT talents is one of the primary challenges facing Hong Kong.

Here are the reasons why it is challenging to access to IT talents and what Venturenix can offer to battle them.

1) IT talents value career prospects instead of salary

IT talents enjoy learning new things. Instead of putting emphasis on the monthly salary, they prefer to have more on-the-job training to update themselves with new skill sets. The opportunity to diverge into new directions is more appealing to IT talents when compared with the general monetary value.

Our Solution: The courses at Venturenix Lab seek to equip people with relevant IT expertise to strengthen their technical skills. In this way, this becomes more flexible to adapt to different IT environment and handle various IT tasks with ease.

2) IT skills required are constantly changing

In the rapidly evolving tech world, IT skills are becoming obsolete faster than ever before.  A lot of old IT skill sets are being ousted by automation or being replaced by new skills such as cloud computing and big data. The IT sector lacks a new generation of IT talents, further widening the talent gap.

Our Solution: Venturenix Lab provides training courses in various popular IT disciplines, ranging from Data Science, User Experience to Business Intelligence. We provide hands-on practical training to elevate the skills of employers’ existing staff to drive business growth. 

3) Traditional Recruitment Agency uses the wrong way to recruit

The way that traditional Recruitment Agency recruits is industry-oriented. For instance, if a recruitment agency is accustomed to serving the retail sector, most of their candidates will be IT talents staying within the same industry. Nevertheless, it is a whole different story for technical staff, who will be matched in accordance with the software or IT infrastructure system they are the most familiar with. 

An enterprise architect, who used to work in an insurance company, can smoothly transition into a senior enterprise architect role in a telecommunication company if both companies use a similar IT system architecture.

Thus, if a traditional recruitment agency matches candidates industry by industry, they usually will not succeed.

Our Solution: Venturenix Recruitment Agency has a cross-industry IT talent pool. Our recruiting consultants are deeply familiar with the IT, Data and Digital Marketing territory, which is why they have a profound understanding of the functions of each IT roles and how the various IT systems are different from one other. We seek to look for the right talent from our comprehensive IT talent database for employers.

4) IT talents are generally more passive

Quality IT candidates generally will not take the initiative to update their LinkedIn profiles or send resumes when they see a job advertisement. Thus, a traditional recruitment agency generally will not have any luck if they look for talents through this medium. Even if the recruitment agency has discovered high-quality candidates online, those candidates usually have more than 5-6 offers in hand. So you can imagine the difficulty of attracting them to jump onboard.

Our Solution: Venturenix Group does not merely provide recruitment service, it also provides relevant and up-to-date IT courses in relations to IT, Data Science for IT talents who wish to strengthen their technical skills. Through education, the highest-quality and hidden IT talents will naturally surface, we can then match them with suitable employers with confidence and ease.