Why soft skills triumph over your college certificate

With the abundance of overachievers out there, a bachelor degree is merely a minimum threshold for securing a decent job these days. How to make yourself stand out?

In reality, employers’ attentions have shifted from candidates’ hard skills to their soft skills, such as leadership and interpersonal skills. Therefore your career success really has nothing much to do with your college degree. If you possess the following qualities, an array of career paths awaits you.

  • Strong soft skill

Despite the undeniable importance of hard skills, it is pivotal to have soft skills to thrive in a workplace. Having a sharp international perspective, creativity, foreign language skills and leaderships skills definitely put you in an advantageous position. Employers favor trainable candidates who can pick up new skills speedily.

  • Experience

Most of the time, candidates are more hirable when they are deemed trainable, regardless of what college degree they have. Experience triumphs over education. For instance, in the sales industry, having a proven record to revenue brought into the company gives you a leg-up over another candidate with less success stories.

  • Wide Network

If you have strong soft skills, a wide network follows. A broadened network and social circle is a tremendous asset to your employer because it increases the chances to match with like-minded business partners, thereby creating shared interests and business opportunities.

  • Positive character

There’s a correlation of characters and career success. The more you are willing to throw yourself out in the work field, the more you’ll likely accomplish. No employers would like to see disgruntled employees in the office all day. If a candidate can spread positive energy across the office, he/she will be treated as a motivator, and be greatly valued. So build a character to build your career success!

All in all, it is wise to pick a college major that you are genuinely interested in and develop multiple soft skills at the same time.