Global and Local Placement

Digital transformation is the top-of-mind priority in companies looking to expand and grow. As technology becomes the centerpiece of people’s everyday life, many companies rush to revamp their old strategies and to update their marketing and IT systems to stay ahead of the competition as a business leader.

With the rapidly evolving technological landscape, IT talents are destined and inevitable to drive digital transformation. Nevertheless, while businesses are setting competitive salaries or using other aggressive measures to attract talents, a deficit of the tech talents in Hong Kong remains the largest roadblock to a successful transformation. 

Venturenix sets its heart on discovering the elites and the most in-demand talents in the field of tech, data and digital marketing, both locally and globally. 

Local Placement – Retaining local talents The local community of technology talent possesses specialized skill sets, which are sought after by employers in Hong Kong. 

Venturenix is no stranger to the recruitment service in the IT and digital industry. From data science to artificial intelligence to blockchain to DevOps, Venturenix guarantees access to an infinite database of potential local candidates. With a combined 30 years of savoir-faire in the industry and an abundant pool of local talents, Venturenix effectively identifies the business needs of an organization and help you hire the right talents accordingly from the local market. 

Global Placement – Attracting foreign expertise

Despite the booming tech scene in Hong Kong, there is still a shortage of talents in emerging and newer tech areas. It is anticipated that the demand of technology talents will continue to soar in the next ten years, which is why it is more pressing than ever to look overseas to find qualified talents. 

Venturenix does not settle in the local region. We strive to recruit highly-skilled professionals from the global network in the APAC and EMEA region, which accords to your organization’s needs, culture, and long-term goals. From experienced data science engineers to cybersecurity specialists to game programmers, our dedicated consultants endeavor to import foreign expertise for companies’ permanent vacancies and contract roles, when the local pool of talents cannot provide the requisite skill set.