2023/2024 Salary Guide

Venturenix’s 2023 Salary Guide for the Information Technology (IT) industry in Hong Kong provides a summary of the job market, at present and current market rate salaries of common IT positions. We also share the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies such as Midjourney, Dall-E, and ChatGPT . The guide also explores the growing influence of these technologies on various industries and highlights how they are being integrated into business processes. World economic data indicates that AI is projected to affect 25% of all white-collar jobs, and Hong Kong is among the regions expected to be significantly impacted.

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2023 IT Salary Guide

We will also share the critical role of AI adoption as a response to talent shortages in Hong Kong. Industries are turning to AI to handle the responsibilities of vacant positions, and this adoption is leading to efficiencies and changes in job specifications This guide is for job seekers and employers that would like a peek into the IT job market in 2023, offering key insights and average salaries of the most common IT positions

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2023 Salary Guide. Real Numbers, Real Data

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